Strippy quilt by Mary Jane Wood

Photos of this beautiful quilt were sent to me by Liz Nally .It has nine strips of high quality  design and stitch work. It was made by Mary Jane Wood from the Durham area  (1861-1940), a coal miners wife who also acted as the village midwife.

The central strip is a running feather with diamonds. Either side were lined hammocks with a simple chain centre and a fill of square diamonds and diagonal lines .The next strips have a double row of smaller lined hammocks toped with petals . The following strips are bellows with a single chain and infill of diamonds .

This is my sample

But what I most enjoyed was working out the templates used for the last strips of curved feathers and small roses . 

Liz had sent me a photo of some templates of Mary Janes and it was with great affection to be following in the footsteps of such a beautiful quilter. I am now building up quite a collection of my own templates to use in my own textile work.

Mary Janes templates 

Thank you Liz for sharing this wonderful quilt.




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