Starting with my Pink and White Strippy Quilt

I have started my research by using my own Pink and White Strippy quilt I bought last year in Barnard Castle, Teesdale. After measuring and sketching the quilt I recorded details of stitch and construction in my sketchbook.



I have always the loved the patterns in this quilt and I enjoyed drawing them out accurately to then quilt myself. The most difficult observation was getting the right underlaying  wave pattern and then drawing the running feather strip. While working, it made me wonder how the lady drew out the designs, was she experienced and drew the designs free hand using just a  few templates or like me had trouble repeating the design accurately. I expect the former. I have looked at the templates used and the paper cutting of waves from books, but if anyone can help with how these ladies drew out there designs I’d love to know more.

These are the four designs repeated on the strippy quilt.

The trail, the wave border with diamonds, the diamonds with hearts , the running feather with diamonds and the running feather with spirals and leaves.


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