Pink and White Strippy from ‘The Quilters Guild Museum Collection’

The Quilters Guild Collection have a wide range of quilts , unfortunately I am working from photographs at the moment but I  have still been able to draw and stitch the beautiful patterns. 

This is my sketch book, I am working out how to record the information and checking I can record as much detail as I can. Another big learning curve having not worked in textile conservation.

There are four strippy designs, the white strips are the Allendale feather with a rose flower, it flows along and although it is  a repeat pattern it has added swirls and feathers to fill empty spaces.

The central pink strip is a lovely four petalled flower with a fan design creating a diamond shape.

This is  a Weardale chain one of my favourites with the rose in the centre which echo’s the rose in the Allendale feather.

The most difficult one to draw out was the plait , I spent many hours trying to get it right and I think their must be an easier way of doing it, if anyone has advice on this it would be gratefully received.

I used pink threads with some orange and browns , a rose and hubble natural seeded cotton fabric, wool wadding and a muslin backing.

If you have a strippy quilt you would like to share please get in touch, in the meantime I am going to look at another pink and white strippy from The Quilters Guild MuseumCollection.


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