Palestinian Embroidery Samples

I had the delight to obtain a copy of this book produced by Sunbula in Jerusalem. . It is a beautiful book full of beautiful photos and thoughtful text. In the book it shows very clearly some of the stitches used in Palestinian work other than cross-stitch.

One fascinating section shows the joining stitches used in clothes.(as fabric woven by hand would be the width of a hand loom. ). At first glance the join looks like two rows of satin stitch but it is in fact a plait joining stitch. It was lovely to learn this new technique.

I also had a go at the couching work seen in the Bethlehem area

These couched areas are filled in with satin stitch, these designs just show the simple motifs the work on costumes is far more complex.

The last set of samples show the use of applique , particularly the use of triangles and V shaped reverse applique. The applique was embroidered in a zig zag back stitch. 

I unfortunately have no photos I can use of the beautiful dresses but if you follow this link to the British Museum you will see some exquisite work. Hopefully in the future as I continue my research I will be able to show you examples.   

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