Durham quilting

The Quilters Guild Collection

I recently spent a wonderful day sketching and studying 3 of the Guilds North country quilts (somtimes called Durham quilting ), a whole cloth quilt kit , a framed whole cloth and a Sanderson Star quilt . Examining the patterns and working out the intricate details was an absorbing exercise. I hope to study in depth these quilts and make samples to help pass on our cultural quilting heritage. So watch out for next years blogs . 

The beautiful Sanderson Star – so much work , with tiny stitchwork .

Detail showing the feather design and diamonds typical of the North country quilts.

Detail showing the tiny running stitches.

Explore the quilts online at http://Www.quiltmuseum.org.uk

Look out for workshops in 2019 if you would like to  make a cushion using the North country patterns.

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