Bronte Darning Rolls

Study Charlotte Bronte’s needle roll and see her exquisite miniature stitches and patterns. Then immerse yourself in the English tradition of embroidery, learning new hand stitches from our rich heritage.

Add lace, ribbon and beads to enhance your personalised needle roll.

The workshop is designed to increase your knowledge of Regency embroidery and the work sewn by the Brontes. You will look at how the Bronte sisters decorated their clothes and home with embroidery, as well as studying the samples they produced. Find out about the wonderful patterns used in the Regency period which revolved around simple flower and leaf motifs embroidered around curved stems to form linear designs.

You will develop the skills of simple embroidery stitches including backstitch, chain stitch, French knots and cross stitch, using these to create linear designs of flowers and leaves.

At the end of the workshop you will have created a personalised needle roll with Regency patterns and stitches which were used by the Bronte sisters.