Amy Emms Bursary

I have just been awarded the Amy Emms Bursary for 2020, which I am very excited about. It is an opportunity to work with the Quilters Guild and Heather Audin at ‘The Quilters Guild Museum Collection’ researching and promoting North Country Quilting, particularly the strippy quilts. 
Amy Emms was a North Country Quilter and eminent teacher who was influential in passing on design and hand quilting skills. She was awarded the M.B.E. for her work and died in 1998 aged 94. The bursary is to encourage a member of the Quilters Guild to further their knowledge of, or skills in , the traditional art of quilting. 
I will be studying strippy quilts , making notes and sketches of the linear quilt designs and creating a collection of samples. 
My findings will then be summarised in a pamphlet to be used by ‘The Quilters Guild Museum’ for reference purposes, and shared online on my blog.
I am also going to use these designs to create a contemporary wall hanging to celebrate these beautiful quilts. 
As I go along I will share my work on this blog.
So how to start , with tracing paper, graph paper , brown paper and scissors ! 
The book is one I keep returning to for help and inspiration, written by Mavis FitzRandolph and Florence M. Fletcher (1955). It shows the construction of many of the North Country patterns using simple methods which would have been used in the Northern Pennine cottages. 

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  1. Congratulations Helen! That is a great achievement. I will look forward to reading your updates and also perhaps seeing your work at the AGM. (whenever we’re able to!)

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