North Country Quilting 

A busy month studying North Country Quilting starting off with a quilt from the Quilting Museum  

The stripy quilt showing a linear feather design . 

At the Bowes museum I saw a dramatic framed diamond quilt in turkey red and cream. The maker is unknown but it thought to be sewn around the 1900’s .

And at Beamish my favourite designs came from a quilt by Sarah Hunter Walker around 1930.

I have many more photographs I will draw from and make samples from which I will post in the coming months . There is so much inspiration from these North Country quilts and it will be the focus of my work in the coming years as it is part of our heritage. I feel it is important to celebrate the Quilters of the past and look to see what designs we can take forward from the quilts. 

My first sample – a Weardale chain 



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