Helen Barnes B.Ed. M.A (DIST) ART & DESIGN


Winter zoom ‘From India to North Country Quilts’, enquire for more details.

I am an artist who has worked in textiles teaching and exhibiting work for many years. I would like to share my enthusiasm and knowledge of hand embroidery and quilting from around the world with you.

I grew up in Yorkshire, in a home full of gorgeous fabrics and threads surrounded by beautiful countryside full of historic interest. I soon developed a keen awareness of the patterns and textures in my environment and interpreted these in to art and textiles.

I am inspired by the artisans who have passed down creative skills and patterns from one generation to the next: from master to apprentice, from mother to daughter and father to son. As I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively to research art and textiles around the world I have had the privilege of seeing this first hand.

My research and observations through sketchbooks help me to create colourful, exquisite art and textile work full of delicate and intricate detail.
I have a wide range of workshops to offer for you to study textiles from around the world and learn new embroidery and quilting skills.

Enjoy my portfolio of paintings and textiles and visit my blog. Please contact me for details on workshops or design commissions.