I grew up in Yorkshire, in a home full of gorgeous fabrics and threads surrounded by beautiful countryside full of historic interest. I soon developed a keen awareness of the patterns and textures in my environment and translated these in to art and textiles.

I am inspired by the artisans who have passed down iconography and motifs from one generation to the next: from master to apprentice, from mother to daughter, and the concept of the motifs as they change meaning, shape and style through time. As I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively to research art and textiles around the world I have had the privilege of seeing first-hand the passing down of creative skills and patterns to the next generation.

My research and observations through sketchbooks help me to create colourful, exquisite art work full of delicate and intricate detail. The main themes are then developed into mixed media, embroidery and quilted artefacts.

Celebrating our rich heritage I aim to delight and engage viewers to gain a deeper understanding of our cultural and aesthetic past.

Selected Art and Textiles Exhibitions

2007 – M.A. Art & Design Exhibition Leeds University Gallery

FLAX Textile Group Exhibitions

2010 – Cliffe Castle Museum Keighley

2016 – Harlow Carr R.H.S. Harrogate

2017 – Bradford Industrial Museum

2010 to present – Annual Ilkley Art Club Exhibition

2011 to present – Annual solo Exhibition at Ilkley Library

2013 – Ilkley Art Trail

2016 – Ilkley Art Trail